Candy Kids International Candies 

Bulk Unwrapped Candy, Bulk Wrapped Candy, Bulk Chocolate, Gummi, Gourmet Nuts, Dried Fruit, Dried Veggie, 
Nostalgic Candy, Gourmet Gift Items, Novelties, Candy Bars, Gum, Mint, Theater, Sports Candy, 
Gluten Free Candy, Cough Drops, Candy Store Supplies, Wholesale Candy, Ice Cream Toppings 
Baking, Concession Candy, Toys, TV Movie Character Candy, Party Supplies, Pez, Shoe String Licorice, 
Candy Coins, Jelly Beans, Gummi Candy, Gum/Bubble Gum, Concession Candy, Lollipops, Suckers, 
Chocolate, Candy Buffet, Cake Buffet, Ice Cream Toppings, Snack Pack, Energy Bars, Snack, Goody Bags, 
Drink Mixes, Clusters, Truffles, Jelly Belly, Ice Cream, Suckers, Vegan, Cupcakes, Cakes, Olives, Peg Bags,Divine
Chocolate, Jello. Xyltiol,Nuts, Granola , Peanut Butter. Flour, Sugar

12 Flavor Gummy Bear 


12 Flavor Gummy Bears

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12 Flavor Mini Gummy Worms


Assorted Fruit Gummy Bears


Sugar Free Assorted Fruit Gummy Fish


Large Assorted Fruit Gummy Worms


Berry Blue Gummy Raspberries


Berry Red Gummy Raspberries


Red and Blue Gummy Raspberries


Eggstravagant Gummy


Banana Gummy Bears

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Black Cherry Gummi Bears


Blue Gummy Sharks

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Blue Raspberry Gummy Bears


Christmas Gummy Bears 


Christmas Gummy Snowmen & Trees 

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Christmas Gummy Snowmen & Trees with Snow


Christmas Gummy Wreaths 


Gummy Cherry Rings


Christmas Gummy Snow Flurries


Freedom Gummy Bears 


Gummi Albunnies 


Eggstra Special Gummies


Eggstravagant Gummies  


Large Gummy Butterflies


Sugar Free Mini Gummy Butterflies

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Gummy Awesome Blossoms



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Fall Mini Gummy Worms


Gummy Fruit Slices

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Giant Gummy Rattlesnake 


Sanded Gummy Albunnies 


Gummy Beep Bears


Tiny Neon Gummy Worms 


Sour Gummy Poppers


Gummy Blue Raspberry Rings 


Gummy Apple RingsGummi 


White Polka Dots on Red Organza Favor Bags, 4x6", 10 Packummi Blue Raspberry Rings 


Gummy Freedom Rings 


Gummy Strawberry-Banana Rings

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Gummy Watermelon Rings 


Gummy Peach Rings 


Large Sour Assorted Fruit Gummy Worms


Sour Mini Neon Gummy Worms


Sugar Free Assorted Fruit Gummy Bears


Valentine Gummy Bears


Valentine Sour Gummy Hearts


Polar Gummy Bear Cubs 


Gummy Army Guys


Gummy Jet Fighters 

Gummy Rainforest Frogs 


Gummy Military Heroes


Gummy Papa Bears 


Spring Gummy Bears 


Sherbet Gummy Bears 


Strawberry Gummy Bears 


Grape Gummy Bears 


Green Apple Gummy Bears 


Light Blue Watermelon Bears 


Mango Gummy Bears 


Milk Chocolate Banana Gummy Bears  

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Milk Chocolate Cinnamon Gummy Bears  


Milk Chocolate Gummy Bears 


Orange Cream Bearsicle Gummy Bears  


Orange Gummy Bears 


Peach Gummy Bears 


Pineapple Gummy Bears 


Pink Grapefruit Gummy Bears 


Red Raspberry Gummy Bears 


Wild Cherry Gummy Bears 


Sour 12 Flavor Gummy Bears  


Sour Assorted Fruit Gummy Bears 


White Strawberry-Banana Gummy Bears


***Sugar Free Assorted Fruit Gummy Fish 


***Sugar Free Mini Assorted Fruit Gummy Worms 


Pink Watermelon Gummy Bears 


***Sugar Free 12 Flavor Gummy Bears 


Gingerbread House Gift Box  


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